How to add JavaScript and CSS to Smarty templates

How to add JavaScript and CSS to Smarty templates

How to write JavaScript code ins Smarty template language (.tpl file),

Just add {literial} tag before and after JavaScript code like this,

<script type="text/javascript">
// JavaScript code here

CSS also do the same way as JavaScript,

<style type="text/css">
// CSS code here

More detail about {literial} (and also {…

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What do you do with an abandoned trolley station? Build a massive underground park!

That’s exactly what Dan Barasch wants to do. New York City has two-thirds the green space per resident as other big cities, but converting the Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal into a park the size of a football field would create a respite from the bustling streets. By redirecting sunlight from the roads above, it is possible to illuminate a luscious community space below, nicknamed the Lowline for its similarity to Manhattan’s beloved High Line.

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If any company could push mobile payments to the mainstream, it’s Apple—but Touch ID will need to work perfectly every time.

"You have to start with the fact that Apple is Apple," IDC research director James Wester tells Fast Company. “As an analyst you try not to jump on the bandwagon. In this case, they haven’t reinvented anything. They’re using technologies that have been used by Google Wallet and ISIS [recently renamed Softcard to avoid confusion with the terrorist group].”

The difference, though, lies in the user experience, which just so happens to be Apple’s forte. “You can’t underestimate how important user experience is, and that’s something Apple does really, really well—that very quick, very easy, very seamless experience they can provide.”

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Dense Planar SLAM

Experimental AR computer vision project by Renato Salas-Moreno utilizes an RGB-D sensor and Oculus Rift to detect flat areas within a space to add digital content … such as placing a Facebook wall onto your living room wall - video embedded below:

We present an efficient new real-time approach which densely maps an environment using bounded planes and surfels extracted from depth images (like those produced by RGB-D sensors or dense multi-view stereo reconstruction). Our method offers the every-pixel descriptive power of the latest dense SLAM approaches, but takes advantage directly of the planarity of many parts of real-world scenes via a data-driven process to directly regularize planar regions and represent their accurate extent efficiently using an occupancy approach with on-line compression. Large areas can be mapped efficiently and with useful semantic planar structure which enables intuitive and useful AR applications such as using any wall or other planar surface in a scene to display a user’s content.

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The pool is the focal point of the house.

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Prop Stylists: The Unsung Heroes Of Food Photography

Looking at a beautiful spread of photos in a food magazine, you’re probably salivating over the perfectly arranged greens or the buttery, crumbly pie crust. The plate it’s on, and the carefully arranged cutlery nearby, probably escape your notice. 

Prop stylists, who choose everything in a photo that’s not food, often go unheralded in discussions of food photography, but they play a vital role on set. “I can make beautiful food, but unless somebody brought a beautiful plate to put it on, who cares?” as food stylist Kristy Mucci tells Co.Design.

“It’s totally an invisible thing,” says Kira Corbin, a New York-based prop stylist who does sets for food and fashion shoots. Corbin got her start a few years ago when the fashion website she worked for, Gilt Groupe, launched a (now defunct) food site. Co.Design talked to Corbin about what a prop stylist actually does all day, what makes a good plate, and why prop stylists tend to be hoarders.

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As colleges across the country begin revving back up, you might want to reconsider your major.

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